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Aswagii Sacred
Medicine Dolls & Pouches

A Group by Louise Humphreys & Katie McLean. (2).png

Sacred dolls  and Pouches are medicine for your soul.


Dolls provide a tangible and kinesthetic experience, they can be used in ritual and placed on your altar.


 Sacred Medicine Pouches are for you to fill with herbs and crystals, wearing them around your neck, keeps the medicine close to your heart chakra. 

Louise lovingly needle felts the dolls and pouches, in sacred space, intuitively filling them with crystals and herbs. 


In shamanic ceremony, the Dolls are attuned to your vibration and activated with healing energy for you at this time on your souls journey.

Medicine pouches come in one design with the Sigil of  Sacred Mother chanelled and created for Aswagii Soul Healings by Katie McLean.

Medium Dolls approx 14 cm $60 

Large Dolls approx 26cm $90

Medicine Pouches approx 8 x 6cm $40 

All prices plus postage

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