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Sacred WOMBan bEARTHing
a Doula Journey


At Sacred WOMBan bEARTHing, we believe that childbirth is a transformative and empowering journey.

I began this Doula journey to support my daughter through her pregnancy and birth.

It's a learning curve for both of us as we focus on learning about freebirth and home birth.

I don't know where this journey will lead but what I do know is that I'm passionate about helping women to remember to trust their bodies by creating a safe and supportive environment to empower them to do so. 

I doubt I'll pursue it as a career other than encouraging women to trust their bodies.

Enhance your birth experience by using the rebozo, acupressure, massage, meditation, visualisation and essential oils to ensure that you feel in control at every stage.

Remember fear can multiply pain.


A rebozo is a long flat scarf that can be used during pregnancy as a relaxation tool and abdominal support, during labour to assist in pain management and pushing and then as a sling to carry baby.

Using the rebozo can help to relax tight ligaments and may also be used to move baby into an optimal position for birthing. 

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