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Louise Humphreys

Advocate for Soul Empowerment, 
Sacred Teachings
and The Spiral Goddess

Hello and welcome!  I'm Louise Humphreys and I'm dedicated to soul alchemy and sacred woman wellness.

I believe that behind every dis-ease lies a trauma.

Heal the trauma to heal the dis-ease.

I am a Shamanic Priestess Healer, Sacred drummer, Channel, Ritual Creatrix and certified alternative therapies teacher. 

I have devoted over 20 years to creating a safe and sacred space for supporting women to heal and empower themselves through sacred woman wellness practices, rituals, workshops & women's circles.

In 2015 I chanelled and created 2 certified modalities 

Sacred Source Healing and Sacred Source Massage


Contact me if you'd like to learn them.

The magic I offer you here is a culmination of my abilities, passions, and personal soul unravelling. I meet you at the level your soul needs in any given moment in time.

What does Aswagii mean? 

I'd love to have you in my tribe, join my social media to stay connected. 

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  • Certificate in therapeutic massage 1999

  • Usui reiki 1 & 2 1999

  • Certificate in reflexology 2000

  • Touch for health 1,2,3 & 4 2001

  • Hopi ear candling 2008

  • Hawaiian lomilomi massage 2008

  • Diploma holistic counselling 2009

  • Diploma psycho spiritual healing 2009

  • Certificate in tarot reading 2009

  • Sekhem/Seichim reiki master/teacher 2011

  • Genome healing practitioner 2015

  • IICT approved training provider 2015

  • Founder sacred source healing 2015

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