The Aswagii

The Aswagii are ancient high priestesses, ageless, timeless, mystery and magick.

Guardians, readers and weavers of your original soul and DNA blueprint and torchbearers of the spiral of life, death and rebirth.

They are shapeshifters born of the stars from a time before time and sent to live deep inside mother earth until they were needed to rise up to create a new paradigm.

That time is now, to work with benevolent dark forces, to conquer the negative agendas with love and light.

They are the fringe dwellers and keepers of the secrets of the universe, the very blood of the mother and the skeleton of the earth where they sing to the bones.

Daughters of the moon and the stars up above, the soul of all women. 

They are Earth air fire and water and invoke their power to protect us their daughters.

They are north, south, east and west, from all corners of the known and unknown universe.

Their knowledge and wisdom is unparalleled, communicating through sigils, symbols, light language, drums and earth magick.

The full story
Image by Emily Goodhart

The story has begun many times as does all soul journeying. The time returns. In June 2018, poolside Bali  I channeled Sacred Source Healing, which is now a certified healing modality. The Sacred Source Wisdom was activated into my awareness by the Etolians, an ancient race from outside of time space.


The story began again in 2021, upon receiving several soul activations and amulets from Akisha Arcturus, the healer's healer and Creatrix of Sage Feather Amulets. After which I was able to receive the next layer from the Etolians, to create a supernova lineage of soul healing. 


Once upon a time, just like other Multidimensional races have been involved in assisting the ascension of planet Earth, so too, were the Etolians.  They were called upon to balance the five elements. They sent their High Priestesses, The Aswagii to hold the Earth energy, then they sent the Sacred Warrior Women on their Dragons to hold Fire energy. Lastly, they sent the Atlanteans for the energy of Water.


From their gift of four tribes, Earth generations were created and within each generation, a Magdalene was born waiting for the right timeline to meet Yeshua and to bear the ultimate Universal and generational healer, their daughter Sarah. 

In my Etolian nature, I identify with all four tribes. In this incarnation on Earth, I have been pulled to embrace the Earth Element, and as such my offerings here come from the Aswagii Priestess.

I welcome you to read the FULL STORY as received from the Etolians.