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Enter the Inner Sanctum, a journey of sacred service to weave a new healing paradigm for the evolution of soul consciousness. 

We are so much more than just our physical body.

It's time for an evolution in expanded soul consciousness.

Take the step beyond your soul and DNA blueprint into the wonders of the multiverse that are waiting for you.

A new journey awaits you

Physically moving also means moving away from seeing clients in person and massaging.

After 23 years massaging it's time my healings take a new form.

So much has changed since I began my journey as a healing practitioner, the world, our consciousness, me!!!!

It's time for me to focus on working on a different level that goes beyond body, space and time

My healings are powerful and without the schedule of daily clients I will have the time to focus on working with the collective consciousness to create the change the world needs.

If this sounds like something you want to be part of join my Inner Sanctum with a monthly $33- subscription with exclusive access to my private Instagram page where you can follow my daily exploits, living in sacred service to the evolution of soul consciousness as we build a new paradigm beyond space and time.

This will include spending virtual time in nature with me (weather permitting) sacred drumming, meditation, card readings, distant healings, rituals, working with sacred number codes and responding to private healing requests

I still offer my powerful distant healings and I love to travel to you with my circles, workshops, courses and rituals.

Click here to see my page with those offerings

Individual Multiverse Healings

Image by Sebastian Unrau

Aswagii Inner Sanctum Subscription

Your monthly subscription is your key to the INNER SANCTUM

for $33 a month you will receive

Exclusive access to my private Instagram

page aswagiis_inner_sanctum

where you can follow my daily exploits and 

spend virtual time in nature with me (weather permitting)

as well as 

Sacred drumming


Card readings

Distant healings


Working with sacred number codes

Responding to private healing requests

If you're as excited as I am about walking a new pathway paradigm in sacred service to the evolution of soul consciousness as we build a new paradigm beyond space and time, 

Click the subscribe now button below


By subscribing to the Aswagii Inner Sanctum you are agreeing to have Paypal deduct $33 AUD each month for the nominated number of months in exchange for receiving the benefits as stated.

You can cancel your subscription anytime via Paypal and that will remove you from the Instagram page.

Re subscribe at any time 

No refunds, partial or whole can be given.


By subscribing you agree to these terms & conditions.

Image by Giorgio Trovato


From my sacred space to yours and with your permission I enter the Inner Sanctum of your soul to read what your soul consciousness needs at this time for healing.

To support your journey this includes

Soul consciousness assessment report

Card reading

Personalised healing ritual for your ongoing support 

Emailed to you as a PDF 


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