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Dedicated to Empowering you to -

*Reclaim your Sovereignty
*Embody your Sacredness
*Stand in the Truth of your Soul
*Co create a Paradigm Shift in Healing Consciousness

Sacred Woman Wellness

To nurture and nourish your body, mind and soul, a sacred place to meet you at the space you need to relax, rewind, renew, regenerate and transform.

What Clients Say

"So the healing - OMG!!!  Louise you are &*%$#*@ AMAZING!!! Sorry for the French!  SPOT ON!! Thank you so VERY MUCH Louise. You really are incredible & I absolutely appreciate resonate with & am beyond grateful for everything you have provided. Have a wonderful weekend & keep doing this beautiful magic. Much much love & appreciation. Pam.

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Louise Humphreys

Creatrix of The Sacred and Magickal 
Soul Consciousness Evolutionary
Spiral Goddess Priestess
Sacred drummer
Sacred Woman Wellness

I believe that behind every dis-ease or dysfunction lies a trauma.

Heal the trauma and you will return your body to a state of balance and wellness.

I am a Reiki master, channel, massage therapist and certified alternative therapies teacher with over 20 years experience.

I have devoted those 20 plus years to creating a safe and sacred space for supporting women to heal and empower themselves through wise woman practices, rituals, workshops and women's circles.

In 2015 I channeled and created 2 certified healing modalities, Sacred Source Healing and Sacred Source massage.

Contact me if you'd like to learn them.

The magick I offer you here is a culmination of my abilities, passions and personal soul evolution, where I meet you at the level your soul needs at this given time.

Formerly Souls Truth Healing

  • Certificate in therapeutic massage 1999

  • Usui reiki 1 & 2 1999

  • Certificate in reflexology 2000

  • Touch for health 1,2,3 & 4 2001

  • Traditional Hopi ear candling 2008

  • Hawaiian lomilomi massage 2008

  • Diploma holistic counselling 2009

  • Diploma psycho spiritual healing 2009

  • Certificate in tarot reading 2009

  • Sekhem/Seichim reiki master/teacher 2011

  • Genome healing practitioner 2015

  • IICT approved training provider 2015

  • Founder sacred source healing 2015

  • Traditional Thai Herbal Compress 2019


"Not everyone will understand your journey and that's okay, it's not their journey"

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